New SBA guidelines for mediation

New SBA guidelines for mediation

The new SBA guidelines for mediation came into force on 1 July 2005. These guidelines apply to every member of the SBA working as a mediator, irrespective of whether they are entitled to use the title Mediatorin/Mediator SAV or not. The SBA guidelines for mediation supersede the SBA guidelines for lawyer-mediators from 1998. The SBA Mediation Specialist committee will be glad to answer questions relating to the SBA guidelines for mediation (contact: Mrs Sandra Geiser, SBA secretarial office, tel. 031 313 06 06).


On 1 July 2007 the Executive Committee adapted the Mediator SAV/Mediatorin SAV Regulations presented by the specialist committee. These regulations supersede those of 9 April 2001.  In addition, the instructions on the recognition of mediation training courses as defined by the provisions implementing these regulations were also adapted. These form the basis firstly for the recognition of mediation training courses with regard to the entitlement to use the title “Mediator SAV”/”Mediatorin SAV” and secondly for the inclusion of providers of training services in the SBA list of recognised mediation training courses.

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